G-Patrol Ltd.

Office Lights 1Every night, PCs are left on while nobody is using them. These PCs keep using electricity and increasing your company’s carbon footprint. It’s just like an electrical bulb left on or a car idling. Globally, there are over a one billion PCs – many of which are left on and contribute to large-scale energy waste.
G-Patrol is proud to join Climate Saver’s mission of reducing global CO2 emissions from the operation of computers by 54 million tons per year, equivalent to the annual output of 11 million cars or 10-20 coal-fired power plants. With your help, this effort will lead to a 50% reduction in computers’ power consumption. Committed participants could collectively save $5.5 billion in energy costs.


Clear Saving, Clear ROI

When G-Patrol turns your PC unit from “Idle State” to “Not Active State” during non-working hours, a network of 5000 PCs can save more than 50% of their annual electricity bill.

Energy Efficient Solution

G-Patrol automatically places PCs in lower power settings when not in use by controling the power settings of each computer within the network. This maximizes your company’s power saving without interfering with the end-user productivity or desktop maintenance.

G-Patrol Suite

G-Patrol suite is software dedicated to conserving electricity and reducing your company’s carbon footprint by centrally managing your PC’s power consumption based on your corporate usage profile and policies. It can be part of your cloud infrastructure.

Check your office’s building at night. Are the lights left on? Are computers left on? Use G-Patrol and within 24 hours you will start saving money.